Gps personal training

Take a tailor-made train.

Personal season for 3h to 4h

  • Operating the Gps,
  • Installation of cartography,
  • Creation of Itineraries,

Add remote support

  • Teachings/tutorials Online (included)
  • Support/Inquiries (included)
  • Remote Assistance (included)

How much would you pay for all this? What do you think 75 €?*

*(Displacement consult)

Gps and navigation course for 4 x 4

More information: Course Gps 4 x 4 


  • Work orientation and navigation to be able to act independently with the tools available: Gps, map, compass, or Android device or similar.
  • To whom this intended for this course?
    Also for the independent adventurer.
  • I have not done any course and I have like Gps my Android device, that I can serve this course?
  • Material needed:
    4 x 4 car or motorcycle Off Road, Gps or Android/iOs device with suitable support or porta maps.

Ladies & Gentlemen’s Gravel Ride Barcelona Girona

CycloCat organize thirtd year the Ladies & Gentlemen’s Ride (20rd genuary 2019)

Cyclocat design for every rider a route for them, next 20th of Genuary publish in the different variants of the route, focused on the bike you ride or your preferences, MTB or Gravel.  the path are compose for 140Km and estimates 1400m positive grade.

See more info: Ladies & Gentlemens Gravel ride Barcelona Girona