Please enter the day of orientation and new technologies

Course content

  • familiarize yourself with the environment please
    • Take referrals (practical)
    • Previous work in the index.PHP configuration activity (theorist)
    • Please enter the planning itineraries (theory and practice)
  • knowing what to do when we don't know where we are (practical)
    • Visual Orientation
    • Back to a known point
  • understand the maps and reliefs
    • Search for linear elements or terrain (practical)
      • Hill
      • Crest and trough
    • Scales of maps (theorist)
      • Use the appropriate map
      • To measure distances and heights
    • understanding the map, the compass and the Gps (practical)
      • Orient the map
      • Chart a course
      • Locate us on a map
      • Measure distàcies and bearings


  • Visual orientation with elements of the terrain
    • Concise guidance/accurate
      • Talonament or steps
      • To force the error please
      • Hiking vs competition
    • Digital Cartography and Gps
      • Create Itinerary
      • Follow Route
    • Understand the maps (field, marc, margin)
      • ICC maps, IGN, Alpine and other
    • Sources of digital maps (afternoon)
      • Maps to print
      • Maps for Gps or App

The theoretical and practical content, good use of the course only take 4 people per instructor.

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