Prepare your route

Prepare your route with nosegps

Planning a trip is always an illusion and a lot of work, from we want to help you and why you advise on the use, installation and creation of maps for Gps that fits your need.

Each adventure has a specific, foreseeable only needs to cover in advance, for my major points are clear:

Duration of the activity with autonomy:

Each use is determinant, the important and main premise is the activity, e.g. mountain biking, cycling, 4 x 4, Enduro… each use has its specific needs. Autonomy is determined by the need for navigation. 100 km on a bike is not the same as 100 Km by motorbike or car, duration and forms of application of Gps specifications will vary.

4 x 4 and Enduro Trail screen visibility should prevail, it is better a Gps of at least 4 "for motorcycles, for my depends of the handlebar how close this. For 4 x 4 I prefer 8 ", especially in large cars where the journey is the important thing.

Screen zoom:

It is a recurring question, the best zom is which gives you more information with fewer maneuvers, for this Gps allows the use of the automatic zoom, for example navigation turn-by-turn in a car is the best. Now, if I go out on the road I need something different, both map and zoom, because my velocity and displacement is gonna be different paths and trialeras, walking or mountain bike. The maximum zoom that allow the majority of Gps is 30 meters, being necessary as I have said at the peak of the sport of sailing or not. When I go to 40 Km/h by tracks I need minimum zoom of 150 meters to anticipate maneuver.

Use maps:

I am a staunch supporter of OpenStreetMap, they can be found under license Creative Commons, this allows you to use, copy or transform this data freely, also is a collaborative map created by users, sharing information and effort for free.  These maps are available is different formats, online (Render), Raster (image) and Vectorial (for GPS). Without a doubt free maps are the best, because they arrive at places where there is no mapping or is not recent enough.

You have an example of a map created for Runnife a solidarity project dominated by the effort and solidarity.

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