Gps personal training

Take a tailor-made train.

Personal season for 3h to 4h

  • Operating the Gps,
  • Installation of cartography,
  • Creation of Itineraries,

Add remote support

  • Teachings/tutorials Online (included)
  • Support/Inquiries (included)
  • Remote Assistance (included)

How much would you pay for all this? What do you think 75 €?*

*(Displacement consult)

How does it work strava

Strava is one of the imprescidibles programs if you´re a runner o bike fanatic, in every one of their versions, mountain or road.

Aforegoing notions:

The Gps device can recording your own activities by time, distance o for example current Garmin devices make automatic. These log is recorded in the Gps Trip Log (can reset by Journey) and most of actuals Gps can include directly on the current Track, normaly in .Gpx format o can configure for do it like these.

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