GPS Training

NoseGps born with the will and passion to share knowledge of natural environment trouth Orienteering and Gps navigation systems.

Mi receipt for succes, for parts of Orienteering (N.E.W.S. are N.O.S.E. in spanish) and three of navegatión (GPS). Dedicatión, passion and effort.

No way method only teorists , time give me a reason, very much of my trainens was trainers for other Gps trainings…

Mi way: focused in practice, finding the balance theoretical and practical, based on my own experience how trainer and expert user of Gps and their technologies.

Mi passion: Navegate in 4×4, walk or mountanig Bike

Take benefit and hire my Personal Gps Training :  Gps Training

Experto en Gps y Formación Gps